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Software: Payroll Self Service


Access to personal data and payslips any time, from anywhere

Integrating with Opera 3 Payroll & HR, Payroll Self Service on Pegasus Web Xchange offers your employees remote access to personal data, pension information, holiday entitlement, payslips and P60s. It’s quick and easy to use and employees don’t need to be users of Opera 3 to access their data.

Depending on the permissions assigned to them, employees can access their personal details, photograph, contacts, education records, bank account information, absence details and holiday entitlement. This information can be restricted to Read Only, or Read/Write access can be given. Any changes made by the employee are subject to manager authorisation.

Access to pension information: Employees can view their pension information including details of their current pension provider, a summary of their current pension scheme, their current contributions and their auto enrolment status. They’re also able to drill down to a detailed breakdown of their overall pension contributions and filter by pension scheme and/or year.

Use our ROI calculator to find out how much your business could save by using Payroll Self Service instead of printing and posting payslips and P60s for your employees.

  • Overview

    Payslips and P60s are available online for the employee to access as soon as the payroll team release them. Employees can view current and previous payslips and print as required, eliminating postage and print costs and saving time. Printed payslips can still be produced for employees that don’t use Payroll Self Service.

    What is Pegasus Web Xchange?

    Pegasus Web Xchange is an Opera 3 application that offers a secure and easy way to access your Opera 3 data on the go: any time, from anywhere and on a number of mobile devices.

    Using browser-based technology, Pegasus Web Xchange provides the ability to securely access and view Opera 3 data remotely. Users can log in from a range of mobile devices using web browsers such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari.

    With Pegasus Web Xchange you can:

    • Connect with your Opera 3 data securely wherever you are
    • Save time with 24/7 access
    • Improve efficiency
    • Empower employees
  • Overview

    • Employees have secure electronic access to their payslips and P60s any time
    • Payslips and P60s can be available online or printed
    • eP60 report is HMRC approved
    • Employee permissions can be set to No Access, Read Only or Read/Write
    • Default permissions can be assigned to Roles which in turn can be linked to employees. This allows for global assignment of permissions
    • Subject to permissions, employees can remotely access and amend their details including: personal details, photograph, contacts, education records, bank account information, absence details and holiday entitlement
    • Authorisation routine allows a manager to approve pending updates to employee details
    • Integration with Opera 3 Notification Services alerts a manager to requests awaiting authorisation
    • Batch creation of users for rapid deployment
    • Automatic generation and distribution of user passwords upon initial setup, which can easily be reset
    • Payroll Self Service accounts are linked back to the employee record within Opera 3
    • Managers can be assigned the Departments that they are responsible for
    • Full Audit Log of changes accepted from Payroll Self Service
    • The look and feel of the Pegasus Web Xchange can be customised with your company logo
    • Secure access using SSL certificates
  • Payroll Self Service on Pegasus Web Xchange

    Connect with your Opera 3 data remotely with the Pegasus Web Xchange with Opera 3 (2.00). The Pegasus Web Xchange is the future of how businesses will integrate their accounting and business systems with the web and leverage the benefits of both environments. The first feature is Payroll Self Service.

    Payroll Self Service is designed to empower employees and reduce HR costs. It gives your employees 24/7 access to view and manage their personal data, holiday entitlement, payslips and P60 end of year certificates.

    Watch the product demo video below to see Payroll Self Service in action.

Downloads Available

Payroll Self Service datasheet.