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White Papers


Making it work from home

Stuart Anderson, General Manager at Pegasus Software looks at the importance of cloud and mobile capabilities when it comes to ensuring seamless home working.

We’re in the midst of an unprecedented global crisis, with Covid-19 forcing the hand of businesses the world over, asking them to send their staff home to work wherever possible. The evolution of home working from a taboo, to a nice-to-have, to a necessity certainly reflects the ever-fluctuating, global digital age of business in which we’re all operating, but just how geared up are businesses to support home working and what do they need to do to improve?


Empowering People – Leading with Employee Self-Service

Stuart Anderson, General Manager at Pegasus Software looks at why self-service is an HR trend set to stay.

By no means a new phenomenon, self-service HR is making its presence felt in more and more businesses of all shapes and sizes, across multiple industries. Once regarded as the latest HR ‘trend’, it’s slowly but surely establishing itself as an example of HR best practice


Supply Chain Management - Regaining Control When Complexity is on The Rise

Stuart Anderson, General Manager at Pegasus Software asks how businesses can position themselves firmly in the driving seat when faced with a complex, fast-paced and often unpredictable supply chain.

When it comes to supply chains, never have they been as complex as they are today. Our multi-faceted, global digital economy has meant that supply chains are more inter-connected and inter-dependent than ever before.


Digital HR: realising people potential

Once viewed as a back-office support function delivering employee services, HR as a business discipline is rapidly undergoing major change.

Under increasing pressure to take on a wider role as ‘enablers’ of change in organisations which are undergoing major digital change programmes, HR professionals are expected to lead change.


White paper: Making Tax Digital

All systems go: the challenges and routes to Making Tax Digital


Mind the mobile gap

A white paper examining the rise of mobile working and how, with a few exceptions, business technology is still playing catch-up.


Is your business Brexit-ready?

​This white paper looks at the challenges facing UK businesses in the post-Brexit landscape and how they may overcome the challenges ahead.


The sky’s the limit: how to use the cloud to propel business growth

This white paper explains how cloud-based software can offer numerous benefits for organisations of all sizes, but in particular for SMEs using cloud-based software for online accounting. SaaS offers many benefits for fast-growing medium-sized organisations but deploying Pegasus Business Cloud can expedite these benefits even further.


Guide to auto enrolment for employers

Learn all you need to know about auto enrolment. This free guide looks at what auto enrolment is, staging dates, preparation, pension scheme arrangements, assessing your workforce, opting in and out and legal record keeping.


Credit Management for SMEs

How to avoid late payments, boost cashflow and accelerate growth


An FD’s guide to supply chain management

Stuart Anderson, Director, Sales and Marketing at Pegasus Software looks at why supply chain management has made its way onto he FD’s agenda, and outlines exactly what they need to know about their supply chain in order to mitigate risk, reduce costs and establish a framework for growth.


CRM for SMEs: An FD’s guide

Stuart Anderson, Director, Sales and Marketing at Pegasus Software explores the growing need for CRM amongst SMEs, and looks at how Financial Directors can utilise CRM to encourage customer retention, maximise customer profitability and support business growth.


SatNav for SMEs

Mapping the route for economic recovery with Business Intelligence. In this white paper, Stuart Anderson, Sales & Marketing Director looks at the role and prevalence of BI in SMEs.


Hitting the suite spot

This white paper examines why adopting one integrated enterprise software suite can reduce complexity, enhance profitability and deliver flexibility for growth for small to medium sized businesses.


The SME FD’s guide to document management

This is the second series of white papers which examine the pressures SME FDs face. One area in particular which is negatively impacting SMEs and resulting in leaked profits is poor management of business documentation. This paper will focus on how much poor document management is costing the average SMI, how SME FDs can stem this loss; how to select the right solution and how to avoid common pitfalls.


Exploring the new landscape for SME FDs

Recent research commissioned by Pegasus Software highlights that economic slowdown is the biggest pressure facing SMEs in 2008. How should FDs address the current squeeze and navigate the red tape whilst fighting upward pressures on costs? This paper examines the current landscape for SMEs and explores the specific skills and resources that FDs need in order to drive growth for SMEs and boost their contribution to the economy in 2008.


Pegasus CIS: How to stay legal

HMRC have started to charge penalties for all CIS returns not received by the 19th of every month. Any return not received from contractors by the due date will be liable to a fixed penalty of £100 and a further penalty for every additional month that the return remains outstanding. This new white paper from Pegasus looks at the rules and is designed to help you stay “fine-free”.


Keeping a BI on performance

A white paper exploring the growing importance of Business Intelligence (BI) and how it can help SMEs.