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Software: Paperless Solutions

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How green is your business? Following the 2021 COP26 Conference over half of the UK's biggest companies have pledged to go net zero by 2050, with lots of smaller companies following suit. If your business is aiming to reduce its environmental footprint and enhance its green credentials then we have a number of paperless solutions to help you do just that.

"We avoid mountains of unnecessary paperwork and our efforts can be channelled into the day job – running our business effectively"

Paul Tee, Humberside Offshore Training Association (HOTA)

Payroll Self Service

Allows employees to remotely access and manage their payslips, P60's, holiday entitlement and personal information.

Email Payslips

Save on printing and distribution costs, plus enhance security, with email payslips.

Document Management

Reduce paper usage and filing space by storing documents electronically with Document Management.

  • Payroll Self Service

    Payroll Self Service integrates with Opera 3 Payroll & HR via Pegasus Web Xchange and empowers employees with remote access to personal data, pension information, holiday entitlement, payslips and P60 Certificates. It’s quick and easy to use, and employees don’t need to be users of Opera 3 to access their data. 

    Email Payslips, P60s and Timesheets

    The Timesheets service on Pegasus Web Xchange works seamlessly with Opera 3 Payroll & HR and allows employees to complete timesheets online remotely using a device of their choice and submit them to their manager for approval. Once approved, timesheets can be imported to Opera 3 Payroll & HR saving time and paper. 

    Save costs, improve efficiency and reduce paper usage with email payslips and P60s. 

    Document Management

    With Document Management you can electronically store customer orders, supplier invoices, credit notes, signed delivery notes, job costing timesheets, payroll & HR documents and general correspondence. Stored documents can be easily accessed using friendly, easy-to-use retrieval software, and can even be reported on.

  • Paperless infographic

  • Email payslips and P60s

    Watch a brand new demo on our latest feature added to Opera 3: email payslips and P60s

    Payroll Self Service on Pegasus Web Xchange

    Connect with your Opera 3 data remotely with the Pegasus Web Xchange with Opera 3 (2.00). The Pegasus Web Xchange is the future of how businesses will integrate their accounting and business systems with the web and leverage the benefits of both environments. The first feature is Payroll Self Service.

    Payroll Self Service is designed to empower employees and reduce HR costs. It gives your employees 24/7 access to view and manage their personal data, holiday entitlement, payslips and P60 end of year certificates.

    Watch the product demo video below to see Payroll Self Service in action.

    Timesheets on Pegasus Web Xchange

    Mobile Sales on Pegasus Web Xchange

    Connecting your sales team on the road with your office

    With Pegasus Mobile Sales, the turnaround time between a customer placing an order and that order being processed is reduced significantly. This improves delivery and invoicing times, ultimately enhancing cashflow. Processing orders in this way saves time and money and improves the customer’s experience of your company.

    Mobile Sales via Pegasus Web Xchange is a dedicated sales app that will change the way your orders are taken and processed. If you have a sales team on the road, Pegasus Mobile Sales will be an invaluable tool for them to take sales orders on their mobile devices.

    Pegasus Mobile Sales is designed to improve the way your sales team interacts with customers. Account information is provided so that the sales person can see the customer’s credit limit and current balance, a list of their outstanding invoices and due dates, and previous orders placed. The sales person therefore knows what’s been ordered, delivered and invoiced to that customer, so they have a history of the customer’s purchasing patterns. And it’s possible to define the length of time sales orders are retained on the mobile device.

    In addition, Stock Enquiry allows the sales person to see what is in stock and the selling price to that customer. All of which is exactly what the sales team needs to manage customer accounts, take sales orders and send them to the office for processing.

    Pegasus Mobile Sales is designed to work even if there’s no internet connection using cached data. Information on orders placed is stored on the mobile device until a network connection is found.

    Watch our video demonstration to see how:

    Document Management

    Document Management Desktop offers the capture and retrieval functionality from Document Management and is available to employees that don’t have access to Opera 3. This enhances the Document Management solution into a company-wide application to help you manage one of your most important assets: paper and electronic information.