About Pegasus Partners

Dedicated Specialists

Pegasus solutions are sold and supported through our highly skilled network of Partners. This is because we believe that our customers are best served by a channel of dedicated specialists. Each Partner blends experience within the financial management industry and Pegasus expertise with their own unique portfolio of skills to provide you with superb customer service.

  • Experience: in-depth industry knowledge
  • Expertise: qualified personnel
  • Consultation: every step of the way
  • Support: on-site, by telephone, via the Internet
  • Training: ensuring you get the most from your software

The Personal Touch

A successful working relationship is much easier to achieve when you can deal with individuals rather than a faceless organisation. We have Accredited Partners throughout the UK, which means you have the opportunity to benefit from working with a Partner who is local to you. This makes regular face-to-face communication viable, enabling your Pegasus Partner to fully understand how your business works. This is vital to enable you to get the most from your investment; Pegasus products are constantly evolving and a Partner that understands your business needs and how you use your financial management system is ideally placed to recommend which of the latest software innovations are suited to your business.

A Complete Business Solution

Our Partners provide a complete service, which means you can enjoy total peace of mind. Whether you are choosing a Pegasus solution for the first time or are updating an existing Pegasus product, you can be confident that the Partner you select will have the skills and experience to guide you through every step of the way, from implementation to day-to-day operation. Once your system is up and running your Partner is there to provide all the training and advice you need. Plus, the majority of our Partners are also hardware providers, so are in a position to offer you a complete system solution.

Business Confidence: now and in the future

When you upgrade your business software you not only need to ensure that the system you buy will meet your current business needs, you also need to know that it will continue to evolve as the requirements of your business change. Our Partners combine in-depth software demonstrations with comprehensive pre-sales consultation services, so you can be assured that you have the Pegasus product that is right for your business. Once you have chosen your Pegasus solution, our Partners’ range of training, support and after-sales services will ensure you continue to get the most from your software year-on-year.