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Case Studies

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Scallans Food Service Ltd

Scallans Food Service Ltd is a Wexford-based food distribution company.

Customer Profile

Scallans Food Service Ltd is a Wexford-based food distribution company. Scallan Foods distributes frozen foods across the South and South East of Ireland, employs 15 staff and has a turnover of just under €5million.

The company had been using an accounting package to manage invoices. “All orders were handwritten into a docket book for speed and transferred into the accounts at the end of the day,” says Graham Scallan, Managing Director of Scallans Food Service Ltd.

“Our business was getting bigger but our systems were falling down. We urgently needed to manage our telesales operation. We also needed to be more efficient and know quickly which products customers bought, in what quantities and when,” he explains.

“Before implementing Opera II, we had no real history of what products our customers purchased or the frequency of orders. Our picking process was slow, and we produced quite a lot of credit notes due to selling similar products. We needed to be able to quickly track batches of products from source to customer.”

“While using the old system, we found it difficult to maintain our processes”, Graham continues. “It was difficult to know which exact product the customer was looking for, as we had no real history or trend of what they usually bought. We were under pressure to be compliant for traceability of our products and the old system didn’t have the capability to do this. Our delivery men spent time every day sorting out dockets for the van run and this cost us time and money.”

“We wanted a system that was already being used by businesses similar to ours. It needed to include product pricing by customer, a telesales order system that prompts our staff to sell new products and advise customers of special offers and a facility to view the margin from each order. We also needed to ensure that we would have instant support and backup from our reseller.”

The company examined several solutions and providers to discuss options. One of these was Compupac Business Solutions, a Pegasus Partner based in Dublin and Sligo. “Compupac Business Solutions prepared a detailed questionnaire and we responded with our requirements. They demonstrated Opera II, and answered all of our questions,” he adds. Pegasus Opera II was implemented over a five day period by Compupac Business Solutions, who also provided full training for staff. The new system is now used throughout different areas of the business, from the sales department to accounts, warehouse, planning and purchasing.

“Our staff were very familiar with the old system and we needed to ensure they would be comfortable working with a new Windows-based system. Compupac’s team demonstrated the new Opera II system to our staff and were able to clearly indicate the differences and similarities in the operation of the new system. We also have online and telephone support whenever required. We are extremely happy with both the system and the excellent service we receive from Compupac’s team,” added Graham.

According to Graham, the new Opera II system allows the management team to have greater insight into the effectiveness of the telesales operation and has eliminated most of the paperwork and duplication, while credit control information has significantly improved.

“The main benefit relates to stock control and sales activity. As we distribute food products, batch traceability and adherence to the product’s Best Before date are essential to our business. With Opera II Stock Control we can now monitor and rotate our stock, ensuring that the oldest stock is issued first, avoiding write-off. In addition, because our stock activities, purchase orders and sales orders are processed in Opera II, our stock details are available to our staff at the point of sale,” he continues.

Customers’ sales details and buying patterns are also now easily available to management. “We can immediately see if a customer has not re-ordered and this enables us to make contact with the client, avoiding loss of business to the competition. Because of the accuracy of our stock, we can schedule and buy replacement stock in bulk, enabling better pricing. Accurate stock rotation has eliminated wastage.”

Scallan Foods also decided to implement Pegasus XRL. This is an award-winning Excel reporting tool that seamlessly integrates information from Opera II into Microsoft® Excel. XRL allows Scallan’s team to update product and customer price lists easily, saving time and money. “We can now import customer price lists directly into Excel at the click of a button. We can make changes to a product’s selling price, click a button and update the price list in the main accounts system. It’s like using Excel, except it writes the updated pricing back into Opera II. It’s an excellent feature and saves me hours each week updating prices across multiple customers’ price lists.”

In addition, the Opera II Telesales facility provides staff with the information they need to close the sale during their interaction with the customer. “With Opera II telesales, we can schedule outgoing telephone calls to our customers to suit the customer’s availability,” Graham says. “If the customer is not available, the system will automatically re-schedule the call and this means we do not miss a sales opportunity. Also, the telesales system will advise the salesperson of any special offers and also remind them of their past sales history, ensuring that we do not miss any repeat business,” he concludes.