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Royal Wimbledon Golf Club

Royal Wimbledon Golf Club

Opera 3 brings improved reporting and more streamlined processes to golf club.

Royal Wimbledon Golf Club, a private golf club in south-west London, has upgraded from Opera II to Opera 3. Opera 3 is improving efficiency at Royal Wimbledon through simpler and more accurate reporting and streamlined accounting processes. Celebrating its sesquicentennial in 2015, Royal Wimbledon Golf Club has a turnover of £1.7million, 1200 members and employs 30 people.  The golf club has a long history of using Pegasus solutions.

“We didn’t hesitate to upgrade to Opera 3” says Nick Nolan, finance manager, Royal Wimbledon Golf Club.  “It’s proved to be a good, reliable and easy to use system.  The sales ledger in particular has simplified record keeping, making it easier to integrate membership and subscription records for reporting purposes.  Reports are quicker to run as there’s no data entry required and they can be easily tailored to provide better visibility into how the club is performing.   Additionally, the ability to archive and retrieve records like invoices eliminates the need to hunt through paper files for historical information.  Furthermore, Opera 3’s improved look and feel facilitates multiple Windows to be open which is useful for jumping, for example, from purchase ledger to nominal ledger screens – saving even more time.

“In my experience, Pegasus solutions are more sophisticated than other offerings on the market and Opera 3 reflects this.  As we already access Opera 3 in the cloud, the upgrade was straightforward and cost effective and we have the added security and back-up that the cloud brings.”