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Pegasus CRM Boosts Business at Intsys

“Through using Pegasus Software’s CRM solution we have created a very efficient, lean organisation and have boosted our productivity by at least 20% - we simply couldn’t run our business effectively without it. It has also had a positive impact on our bottom line – we have increased lead generation activities by 50% over the last couple of years.”

Charlie Burdett, Managing Director, Intsys

About Intsys

Based in Wimbledon, Intsys UK is a provider of software and IT services. As a primary reseller of all Pegasus Software’s product and services, 95% of its customers use Pegasus’ Opera II.

Intsys provides a range of services to include training, bespoke development, report writing, consultancy, installation, system maintenance and support via telephone, e-mail and remote access.

The Challenge
Intsys’ new business leads and referrals come from a number of sources, but typically via the web through e-marketing and outbound telemarketing campaigns and directly from Pegasus Software.

In order to grow the business, Intsys found that it needed a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system tailored specifically to its business requirements and objectives. It previously used ProspectSoft which, like many CRM solutions, was highly functional but overly complex. Many features were surplus to requirements and the useful ones required significant levels of training. It was also expensive which negated some of the benefits.

In 2007 Intsys made a decision to adopt a new solution which would be better aligned to the specifics of its business, support business goals and growth plans. It needed to manage accounts more tightly and proactively and achieve greater visibility of its prospects and customers in order to maximise cross-selling and up-selling opportunities, and enhance support and customer service.

The Solution

Intsys was already using Opera II from Pegasus Software for all of its employees and seeing significant efficiency benefits. So when Pegasus Software made available a pilot version of its new CRM module, encompassing Sales Pipeline Management and Service & Helpdesk Management, Intsys had no hesitation in trialling it.

Opera II SPM is a fully integrated module of Opera II that provides clear visibility into all stages of the sales process, helping companies to manage prospects, convert prospects to customers, manage the customer relationship, report on customer profitability and increase business potential with them.

Opera II Service & Helpdesk Management maintains and renews maintenance contracts with customers, providing end-to-end service and maintenance management, from quote, order and delivery through to installation, contract, service, breakdown and billing. The contract information includes value, equipment covered, billing periods and renewal date. All activities can be logged against a contract, such as site visits and helpdesk calls, to facilitate complete visibility of the contract, all in one place.

Through using Pegasus Software’s CRM solution, all communications between Intsys and its prospects can now be added to records. For customers using support agreements, Intsys can deliver better service, ensure SLAs are being consistently met, and prove return on investment (ROI). This solution also helps in renegotiating support agreements and repeat billing. It also proves the value of annual maintenance contracts (AMCs) – as all activity is registered directly against the individual customer’s AMC.

Charlie Burdett, Managing Director, Intsys, comments:
“We use CRM to record all contacts and prospects – both inbound and outbound. It is integral in supporting our e-mail marketing campaigns which go out regularly to generate interest in various products and offers.”

SPM automatically updates Opera II accounts, eliminating manual intervention and error and reducing administration time. Intsys also uses Pegasus’ XRL reporting tool which is invaluable for the creation of management reports.


Intsys now has complete visibility of all customer accounts and activity logged against them, helping to ensure quality control and identifying any problems. Any employee with the right privileges can view every single support call to ensure that the business is being managed appropriately.

The solution also contains an equipment register on each record, so that at any point, Intsys knows exactly what software and support agreements each customer has. This helps to provide greater customer service as well as providing opportunities to up-sell and provide training.

None of this was being achieved with Intsys’ previous solution, so productivity and sales activity gains have been significant.

The Service & Helpdesk Management module enables Intsys to take support calls, create and update records and assess the appropriate level of support. It highlights outstanding calls and complements CRM and other modules.

Charlie Burdett concludes:
“The fact that we now experience very few support calls is testament to the level of proactivity facilitated by SPM and its success!”

“The key benefits of Pegasus Software’s Opera II solution are that it can grow with us, as modules can be switched on and off as required. It is also very simple to use which reduces training time and means staff can be up and running with the solution very quickly.

“Our customer retention is very high at a rate of around 90% and we are able to provide more efficient, higher levels of customer service, resulting in greater customer satisfaction.”

“Through using CRM from Pegasus Software we have created a very efficient, lean organisation and have boosted our productivity by at least 20% - we simply couldn’t run our business effectively without it. It has also had a positive impact on our bottom line – we have increased lead generation activities by 50% over the last couple of years.”

“We can now also recommend the Pegasus CRM solution with total confidence to our clients, as we are testament to its benefits.”