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Howard Civil Engineering

Yorkshire based engineering company, Howard Civil Engineering, has saved 25% in management reporting time, boosted visibility, and enhanced profitability with Opera 3 and Pegasus CIS solutions.

Howard Civil Engineering has selected Opera 3 with Pegasus CIS, a contract costing solution, and Pegasus XRL reporting.  Through adopting Opera 3 and Pegasus CIS, the Yorkshire-based company anticipates a reduction in management reporting time of 25%, improved productivity, enhanced visibility and tighter management of projects.  

Howard Civil Engineering previously used a Quickbooks system to support its finance processes, but as the company continued to expand, found that it wasn’t able to provide the required level of detail and visibility on project costs and profitability.  Having reviewed the market, the engineering company looked at both Pegasus and Sage, and selected Opera 3 with Pegasus CIS based on its ability to support the specific needs of the construction industry, its user friendly interface and proven capabilities of the solution. 

“In the construction industry, profitability is closely tied to project costs, and a system which is dedicated to monitoring resources, time, labour and materials represents a major advantage for a growing business such as ours,” comments Chris Dowson, management accountant, Howard Civil Engineering.  “Supported by Pegasus’ Partner Deans Computer Services, Opera 3, and Pegasus CIS facilitates 360 degree visibility into our projects and frees up valuable time. Pegasus XRL reporting delivers the information and reports that our quantity surveyors and senior exec team require – which in turn allows us to focus on delivering on our expansion plans.”