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Foregale Opera 3 SQL SE

"Opera 3 SQL SE is the beating heart of our business"

About Foregale

Foregale is a leading provider of roofing products. Established in 1981 from premises on Shillbank Lane, Mirfield, the company not only relocated to its current premises on Union Road, Liversedge, but also opened a second depot in Hessle, Hull in 1986. Since then, the company has moved from strength to strength continuing to provide both the public, and the construction industry, with a first class service, prioritising quality and express delivery. Foregale’s focus on service means fast lead times on products, and friendly people to deal with, be it over the phone, e-mail, social media, or at its trade counters at both sites in Liversedge and Hull.


Foregale has a long standing relationship with Pegasus Software, having implemented Opera II over 20 years ago, followed by Opera 3. 

Investing in digital is a key aspect of Foregale’s customer service-led strategy, and as such, the roofing specialist took the opportunity to upgrade to the latest version, Opera 3 SQL SE via Pegasus’ partner Monpellier, going live in July 2023. The decision was based on the fact that the platform would facilitate integration with its third party applications, and in doing so, drive greater visibility, better insights, more collaborative working, and higher quality reporting. 

Because Opera 3 SQL SE is built on a solid foundation of Microsoft SQL server, it delivers enhanced power, security, and reliability. And with a number of third party and bespoke applications running on SQL, having a means of easily integrating these was incredibly compelling,” comments Tim Scott, company director, Foregale.

Delivering on promises

Delivering on promises is so much more than a nice to have in our industry,” Tim explains. “Ultimately, if materials don’t turn up to site on a Monday morning, when the respective contractors have been booked, the knock-on impact is costly. Not only do people need to be paid and then re-booked, but the entire job is then subject to delays and potential cost increases.” 

The integration of Opera 3 SQL SE with our systems is a big advantage. A good example of this is the stock control system we use for our roofing division. Because we are dealing with 10 tonne coils of steel, standard stock management systems aren’t sufficient, however we still need the insights on stock levels and lead times against orders to fulfil orders and contracts effectively. Being able to integrate Opera 3 SQL SE with our bespoke application allows us the necessary visibility to deliver against our core service principles.” The system supports Foregale all day every day across its two sites in Hessle and Liversedge. More than that it facilitates the flexibility to adjust processes and get more out of the roofing leader’s other systems

More than an upgrade

"Monpellier is a great partner, always there to support us, and proactive in resolving issues as they arise. Throughout our upgrade to Opera 3 SQL SE the team there has been diligent, working hard in the background to ensure that our go-live was seamless. Looking ahead, they are supporting our plans to roll out Opera 3 SQL SE to our sales team, with remote access to allow more accurate and timely access to and uploading of sales information.” 

Ultimately, Opera 3 SQL SE is more than an upgrade. It’s a fast, responsive means of delivering on our customer promises, and future-proof platform from which we can continue to run our business in the best, most informed way. Integrated with our other apps, and supported by Monpellier, we have every confidence that we can scale and pivot as the market demands.

As a service-led organisation with a reputation for customer service, Opera 3 SQL SE is the beating heart of our business and the capabilities it provides us with are pivotal in giving us a competitive edge and consolidating our position as a market leader.”