5 benefits of using construction management software

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Did you know that nine out of ten construction projects were delivered late in 2021 and 69% went over budget by at least 10%? The construction industry is one of the largest industries in the UK, but when it comes to software it is often questioned whether software to manage your projects is compulsory or simply a waste of expenditure. The above statistics make for stark reading, and when client satisfaction drops by 60% when projects are delivered late, here at Pegasus we strongly believe construction management software (CMS) is a critical requirement for any construction project. Within this blog post we’re going to examine some benefits to using CMS.

But first, what is construction software? The aim of any CMS is to make the project process clear and efficient and helps companies manage communication, budgeting, and timescales.


Construction projects have a myriad of moving elements and people can be across multiple locations at any given time, so real-time communication is vital. A CMS would enable everyone to access a centralised point for real-time updates whenever they need to, and wherever they are.

Improved project management

Construction projects can be extremely complex due the sheer number of contractors involved which takes management to another level and it can sometimes only take one forgotten email to de-rail an entire project. A CMS would give the project manager a complete overview of the project including all contractors, subcontractors, employees, and client so they know the real-time status of the project to ensure efficient management and ensure the correct materials and people are on site at the right time.


A CMS allows you to measure your actual expenses against forecasted costs so you can easily see if things start to go off track and rectify them before your budget overruns significantly, helping to keep your project profitable. You can identify costs in real-time without the need to sift through mountains of paperwork, helping to keep your costs under control. It’s also easy to view your audit trail and highlight exactly where your money is going so you can forecast for future projects and tweak costings along the way to help you remain efficient.

Better customer interaction

Not only does software make it easier to communicate with employees and contractors but it also makes it easier to communicate with customers as you can store emails, notes, and set reminders as well as automatically send invoices from the software itself. This centralised point of communication helps you manage the customer journey and ensures the customer isn’t forgotten along the way.

Document management

The construction industry is very document heavy which can be difficult to manage, and important paperwork can easily become misplaced. One of the big benefits of CMS is the ability to store all paperwork, correspondence, invoices, training certificates and legislative documents electronically so you can easily retrieve what you need at the click of a button. 

In summary…

Whether you are a large-scale construction company or a small family-based firm, your construction projects will most certainly benefit from CMS. Not only would it make running projects more convenient but there are proven benefits too such as better budget management, document storage and time control, all of which will improve your profitability and customer service.

Pegasus CIS 5 is a full construction software solution which has been re-written using the latest technology. For more information about the upcoming release and how it could benefit your construction projects, please contact us today.

Posted On: May 05, 2022