Getting back to business after the summer

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A study by Captivate has discovered that business productivity can drop by 20% over the summer and attendance can fall by 19% as employees take holidays. When you combine these statistics with often low sales throughout the summer months, it is not surprising that businesses are often facing low morale in September as employees return to work with a bump. With the August bank holiday almost upon us, it signals the end of the summer approaching and the hotter days are already being replaced with more autumnal vibes.

Within this latest blog post we’re looking at getting back to business and how to increase productivity as we head into back end of 2021.

1. Assess

Now is an ideal opportunity to assess how the year has gone for your business so far – have you reached your goals? What has been successful and what hasn’t? What has attributed to your success or failure? What can you change or implement going forward into autumn?

2. Make clear action items

Following your business assessment, you can make clear action points to help you reach your business goals and revenue targets. It’s important to prioritise these so you don’t become overwhelmed trying to achieve all of them at once or that could have the opposite effect to being productive.

3. Update your website

It goes without saying that you should never neglect your website, and its content should always be updated regularly, however the end of the summer signals an opportune time to give it a thorough overhaul - update content and remove any outdated spring/summer offers.

4. Plan

For many businesses, particularly those in retail, autumn brings with it lots of opportunities such as Halloween, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and, of course, Christmas. Now is the time to start planning for these events, and any others which are relevant to your business. Start considering your content, offers, marketing material and stock.

5. Be realistic

You are not going to rejuvenate your entire business in the first week of September, be patient and realistic with your goals and actions. Take your time and don’t panic if things take a little longer than you had hoped to recover.

6. Arrange some employee events

When it comes to boosting staff morale, little things can often go a long way. Consider organising some events to increase morale such as a cake sale, dress down day or even a staff lunch.

The summer is fun and games with beach days, lazy evenings, and plenty of BBQ’s but it can leave businesses struggling with low sales and productivity often resulting in a somewhat stressful crash down back to reality in September. However, the tips covered in this blog post are designed to help you improve your productivity and staff morale and re-evaluate your business goals for the autumn months.

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Posted On: August 25, 2021