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Software: Integration with popular pension providers


Workplace pensions law has changed. Every employer in the UK has a duty to enrol all of their employees into a pension scheme and pay into that scheme. Pegasus can help your business with auto enrolment capabilities in Opera 3 and Opera II Payroll.

Integration with NEST and NOW: Pensions

NEST Pensions (National Employment Savings Trust) and NOW: Pensions are cost-effective pension schemes that are available for any employer to meet their new duties. Integration with these schemes is an optional feature of Opera 3 and allows seamless linking to the NEST and NOW: Pensions online portals.

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Opera 3’s auto enrolment capabilities, integrated with the NEST occupational pension scheme, have meant that the transition to a potentially complex new initiative has been very straightforward. We are only a month or so into using the system for Auto-Enrolment and so far it is going very well.

Lorraine Sanderson, St Christopher’s School

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Available for Opera 3 Payroll and Opera II Payroll - Partners Search

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Pension provider integration datasheet NOW: Pensions: How to export data from Opera 3