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Flexible. Adaptable. Complete.

A flexible future: Download the white paper                                                                        

When it comes to business management solutions for SMEs, few can boast the number of options Opera 3 offers:

  • Operational flexibility: Opera 3 doesn’t come as a bundle, forcing you to pay for functionality whether you need it or not. It’s modular, so you only buy the applications you need. This level of flexibility is usually offered by systems for much larger enterprises, except we’ve built it to suit the needs and price bracket of SMEs. And very importantly, it also allows for future expansion: users and applications can be added as you grow, ensuring that any plans you have to extend your operations don't have to be encumbered by the upheaval of implementing a new system.
  • Flexibility in deployment: Opera 3 can be purchased and owned outright, or it can be used on a monthly subscription basis. And it can be deployed on-premise, or it can be cloud-based. How you choose to implement it is up to you.
  • Potential for customisation: Opera 3 has open architecture which will allow you to add functionality specific to your individual business needs.

All this in a system that doesn’t just offer everything you could need to run your finance, supply chain, payroll and CRM functions, but also includes full suites for manufacturing, service contract and helpdesk, and construction project management, for businesses operating in those fields. And it does something more: it unifies all those areas, integrates them seamlessly, and offers exceptional business intelligence tools that take the information from each of them and bring it to you, to help you connect the dots and guide you towards the right decisions.

However you choose to use it, Opera 3 offers a wealth of smart features designed to save time and money and make your everyday tasks easier. Here are just a handful of highlights:

  • Superior reporting: Over 65 standard reports can be exported directly to Excel. Or, you can export live data from any area of Opera 3 straight into a spreadsheet with Pegasus XRL.
  • Intelligent financials: Powerful analysis, error correction in the ledgers, and Credit Management for effective credit control and debtor management.
  • Payroll: Email payslips/P60s and salary sacrifice come as standard.
  • Landed costs: record added costs such as freight, insurance and warehousing, so you can the full picture of the true value of your stock.

Here's what some of our customers say:

The Greyhound Racing Association are a cloud customer. “Opera 3 really is the backbone of our business as it offers the flexibility and integrity to enable us to do just that. And by deploying Opera 3 in the cloud, we are set to derive additional benefits in terms of cost savings, responsiveness and scalability“
Mike Stapley, Director, GRA Ltd
Bell Lighting use Opera 3 and extended its functionality to suit their particular warehousing operation and optimise customer service. “Opera 3 has equipped us with a robust, scalable platform from which to pursue the rapid growth we have achieved over the last few years”
Ralph Grote, Operations Director, Bell Lighting.
Polar Krush came to Opera 3 for a solution that unified all areas of their business. "Opera 3 has become integral to our business and is the go-to resource for real-time information. Looking ahead, Opera 3 is highly scalable and we have absolute confidence that it will support our continued growth"
Gary Gleeson, Commercial Director, Polar Krush