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Business Accounting Guides: HMRC Business Guides and useful Business Accounting Websites

General PAYE and NIC Issues

Employers can get help on PAYE and NIC issues from their PAYE Tax Office or a Tax Enquiry Centre (quoting their PAYE reference number) for PAYE matters; HM Revenue & Customs (NICO) via the local Social Security office for National Insurance matters; or the Employer’s Helpline on 0845 7 143 143. (Calls are charged at the local rate.)

Guidance on the Legislative Payroll Changes

HM Revenue & Customs provides information on legislative changes in the following Employer guides:

  • E10 Finishing the Tax Year
  • E11 Starting the Tax Year
  • E12 Rates and Limits
  • E13 Day to Day Payroll
  • E14 What to do if your employee is sick
  • E15 Pay and time off work for parents
  • E16 Pay and time off work for adoptive parents
  • Employer’s Further Guide to PAYE and NICs (CWG2)
  • Class 1A National Insurance contributions on Car and Fuel Benefits (CA33)
  • Class 1A National Insurance contributions on Benefits in Kind (CWG5)
  • National Insurance for Company Directors (CA44)

This information is available from either the Employer’s Orderline on 0845 7 646 646 or from your nearest HMRC office.

If year-end information is submitted online we recommend that you refer to the Pegasus Online Filing FAQs or Do it online: Your guide to filing PAYE returns and paying electronically, which can be found on HM Revenue & Customs website in the Employers area.

Links to Useful Websites

The following Website links might be helpful in relation to payroll matters. Note that links are subject to change: