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Pegasus Operations II Manufacturing Software enhancements and productivity impacts

Pegasus Operations II is a manufacturing solution that has been designed for today's technology. It allows companies to excel in highly competitive and ever changing market places. It is built using Microsoft technology and fully utilises e-mail and web technologies, enabling businesses to actively leverage real business benefits. Where many traditional systems are reactive, Operations II is proactive, working as a valuable asset for any company.

Why Operations II?

Pegasus Operations II is a complete production control system that processes data from quotations, sales orders, scheduling, material requirements planning, purchasing, production through to final delivery and invoicing. WIP is monitored, jobs are costed, products are traced and quality is maintained.

Used in a diverse range of manufacturing environments, Operations II transforms a hectic process, where profitability is on a constant knife edge, into a controllable and manageable proposition. As with Opera 3, Operations II can analyse facts, see trends developing and respond promptly to situations that can have a direct influence on your profitability. Operations II helps you manage your organisation in a competitive market place.

Operations II offers real value for money and is widely accepted as one of the leaders in its market place; it has an impressive breadth of functionality that brings significant business benefits to the customer. These benefits can be attributed to:

  • Cost Reductions
  • Greater Margins
  • Tracking and Tracing Stock
  • Enhanced Customer Service
  • Time Savings
  • Reliability
  • Wider Access to Management Information
  • Competitive Advantage

Typical Operations II Customer

Operations II is currently installed in companies as diverse as aerospace, automotive, electronic assembly and injection moulders through to precision engineering and jobbing shops. The product is a cost effective yet powerful manufacturing system that is scalable to many business sizes and can realise significant business benefits to customers. Operations II will be a very attractive proposition to those customers with the following profile:

  • Turnover: £1- £10+ million
  • Number of Users: 1-10+
  • Industry: All Sectors
  • Number of Employees: 1-100+
  • Operations II is our manufacturing system that complements Opera 3. If you are a manufacturer, Operations II and Opera 3 offer you a complete business solution.

What does Operations II do?

Operations II enables you to define the Bill of Materials for items that you manufacture or assemble, together with its Routing through the shop floor. This information can be used to detail the costs associated with making this assembly, and can be printed as part of the WorksOrder/Routing pack that is sent to the shop floor to control its manufacture. It is possible to monitor how far through the manufacturing process any job has reached, how long it will take to complete and what the variance is between expected times and those actually recorded.

Operations II allows you to process data from sales orders, through material requirements planning (MRP), purchasing, production, quality control and finally to delivery and invoicing: a complete production control system.

Why should I consider purchasing Operations II as well as Opera 3?

Control - telling the shop floor what is to be made, in what quantity and when to start the process. Operations II enhances your control by letting you know where you are in this process, how long it will take to finish, which components you have used or scrapped, whether there are stock shortages, and how much this has cost to-date. Operations II is designed to enable you to plan your work more effectively.

What is the relationship between Opera 3 and Operations II?

Operations II is a sister package to Opera 3. Just like Opera 3, Operations II consists of a suite of applications, which you can pick and choose from to meet your business requirements. Operations II directly links to Opera 3 so that credit terms are accessed, invoices are posted, customer, supplier and nominal accounts are updated. Direct integration of the accounting and manufacturing systems from one vendor provides a robust solution traditionally found only in larger and more expensive systems.