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Pegasus Stationery

How to buy

Contact our stationery Partner for a quote or to purchase - just tell them the code of the item you wish to order and the quantity you need.

Continuous and Laser Stationery

Coloured copies for clear classification. Makes each part easily identifiable - for example yellow (accounts copy), pink (warehouse copy).

  • Top quality papers for both continuous and A4 laser/ink jet - heavier weight and white finish combine to give excellent clarity and a professional image
  • Consistent style - all forms for Pegasus Opera II are printed in the same style and ink colour
  • Strong crimps to ensure trouble-free printing of multi-part continuous forms; double-crimped where necessary
  • 100% guaranteed to fit the software – and you can call our technical support team if you have any problems


A clear statement outlining invoices due improving credit control and cash flow, available in 1 and 2 part continuous and laser format.

  • 2 part Statement - Code PEG005B
  • 3 part Statement - Code PEG010B
  • 1 part Statement - PEG 610


Invoices are produced in continuous forms so duplicates can be produced in one operation. Forms are available in 2,3 and 4 part and can be used as credit notes or purchase orders. A 4 Part Invoice/Delivery Note can be produced in one operation. No prices appear on the delivery note.

  • 2 part Invoice - Code PEG020B
  • 3 part Invoice - Code PEG030B
  • 4 part Invoice - Code PEG040B
  • 4 part Invoice/Delivery Note - Code PEG045B
  • 1 part Laser - Code PEG640

Remittance Advice

  • 2 Part Remittance Advice - Code PEG055B
  • 1 Part Laser Remittance Advice - Code PEG620 - for use with the purchases ledger. Details of payments print from Opera II – eliminating the need for a cover letter
  • 2 Part Statement/ Remittance - Code PEG008B - continuous 2 part, for use with the sales ledger. Customer returns the remittance advice with payment making payment allocation easy

All the above forms can be personalised to include company colours, logo, branding, and extra fields/details which may be required.

Printer Requirements

Our Accounting and Payroll stationery are suitable for a range of different printer types. Choose stationery that suits your own printer requirements. You can choose from stationery that is suitable for either a Dot Matrix Printer (Continuous Stationery) or Laser Printer/Ink Jet Printer (Laser Stationery).

  • Laser Printers: All laser stationery is A4 size (210 x 297mm) on 80gsm paper and is ideal for use with laser, inkjet and deskjet printers - if you are printing forms, just insert them into your printer and they will be individually printed to a high quality
  • Dot Matrix Printers: Continuous forms are suitable for use with Dot Matrix printers - only some forms will fit on the narrow 80 column printers and all forms will fit on the 132 column printer