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Pegasus Case Studies


NAA turbocharges sales team with Pegasus Mobile Sales

Established more than 90 years ago, NAA is a Dublin-based distributor to the furniture, woodworking and packaging industries. With a diverse product range spanning from door handles and fridges to adhesives and coatings, its business model is centred around a commitment to quality of service, support and advice.

NAA comprises two entities: one is a wholesale business focused on industry, business to business and retail distribution of Liebherr appliances to the commercial, pharmaceutical and retail markets, and one is focused on packaging-related products. NAA has a turnover of €11 million and employs 23 staff.

Exceeding expectations

With a catalogue consisting of 14 product categories and 3,500 different product lines, and a market ranging from high-end kitchen retailers to pharmaceutical companies and wholesalers, keeping the sales force up to date with pricing, stock levels and availability, particularly when out of the office and in front of customers, is a huge challenge.

“When my grandfather started the business in 1922, he got on his bike and visited customers around the city, taking orders and delivering them,” comments CEO Conor Hickey. “While our business model has, as you would expect, evolved somewhat since those times, until recently we were still hugely reliant on gut feel and the experience of individuals rather than specific intelligence. But in an age where customers are unapologetic in their expectations for instantaneous feedback and guaranteed next day delivery, it was clear that we needed a solution which would replace instinct with definitive information."

Moving forward

Having undertaken a thorough evaluation, NAA initially considered employing additional headcount in the back office. But while this would have addressed part of the challenge, it wasn’t as cost-effective or scalable as deploying a dedicated software solution, and didn’t fully address the pressing need for better information and slicker processing while out on the road.

NAA have worked with Pegasus Ireland, the Irish Partner for Pegasus Software, for a number of years, and were keen to deploy Pegasus Mobile Sales via Pegasus Web Xchange, a mobile app designed to expedite the turnaround time between a customer placing an order and the order being processed.

Having reviewed the solution, and in close partnership with Pegasus Ireland, NAA felt confident that it would equip the sales team on the road with live, meaningful information on stock levels and associated pricing, against customer and volume, across every product line, while allowing orders to be placed instantly, removing the need to return to the office and input details manually.

Benefits by numbers: +20% productivity, 98% OTIF

Since deploying Pegasus Mobile Sales, NAA has seen a plethora of benefits: “I have worked in sales for more than 30 years and can say with my hand on my heart that this is the single best tool we have used since e-mail was introduced,” Conor continues. “Using tablets, our sales team can get an accurate live status of any stock and allocate to the customer accordingly, with a definitive delivery window, whether in front of a customer or in the car. The system uploads orders and adjusts the stock position in real time, ensuring no delays or inaccurate data.

“Pegasus Mobile Sales is incredibly easy to use and it took no more than a day for the team to become completely comfortable using it, which has made it a win-win for the company and sales team. If the sales team are happy, empowered and confident in what they’re doing, it stands to reason that customer relationships will be stronger and performance enhanced.”

Testament to this empowerment is that service levels are extremely high, with 98% of orders now shipped on the same day for next day delivery (if ordered before midday), against a rate of approximately 85% previously.

And from a back-office perspective, NAA are seeing huge improvements in productivity of at least 20%, through the automation brought by Pegasus Mobile Sales An added bonus is that the company’s cash position and credit management processes have improved, as instead of waiting until month end to review debtors, the system flags overdue invoices and allows debts to be pursued before they spiral and impact the bottom line.

Staying ahead

With a strong, motivated sales team, equipped with the very best sales tools at their fingertips, the company has immense confidence that it’s in the strongest position to compete on a level playing field with larger competitors, and grow its market share accordingly.

“This empowerment of the sales team inevitably stands to have a positive effect on recruitment and retention, and of course there’s less risk to our business, as all knowledge is now in the system and not in the heads of individuals.“

“Getting to this point has not been without its challenges and we’ve learned many lessons, particularly around the importance of data quality in the early stages. However, as we move on to our next project, implementing EDI with our customers, we hope to channel these lessons and ensure a smooth transition, as well as further operational efficiencies.”

“Pegasus Mobile Sales really has transformed the way in which we operate and we look forward to embracing the next chapter of our growth with the very best tools at the helm".