Classic Mineral Water

Classic Mineral Water purchase Opera II Service & Helpdesk Management solution from Pegasus, saving them time and improving their customer service.

As a major provider of accounting and business software, we are delighted to announce that Classic Mineral Water in Northern Ireland has extended its investment in the Pegasus Opera II solution to include the Service & Helpdesk Management module. 

Classic Mineral Water has added to their existing system in order to streamline its after sales service of its successful mineral water cooler business.  Stage one of the deployment of the Opera II Service Management module has now gone live with immediate cost savings in key areas of administration and management time.

Previously Classic Mineral Water had in place a simple manual system that involved considerable time and effort from staff. Colm Doherty comments, “What took seven man hours a week involving four people now only requires a few mouse clicks and half an hour of my own time to produce the weekly call schedules for each engineer.”

In the past, very little detail was recorded on site or held on file at the head office in Lurgan. When a customer called with an issue, a number of service questions were asked which could vary from time to time and from person to person with no formal recording of answers. With the introduction of Opera II Service & Helpdesk Management not only are the questions asked in a consistent and orderly fashion, but the customer service staff can now record the answers on a reportable database as well as using meaningful fault codes. Using this database of issues and their recorded solutions is now used by non-technical staff as level one support for future calls with similar issues, before level two and a service engineer is required.

Classic Mineral Water, with the help of its engineers on site, now record the detailed locations of each water cooler within its customers sites.  This helps in recording a more accurate service history for each individual water cooler that leads to an increase in the efficiency of customer service and helps maintain the correct profitability on each support contract.

Opera II Service Management has delivered on all these fronts – efficient staff monitoring and planning, better management information, easier reporting and improved presentation of customer and engineering services.

Colm also comments, “The investment in Service & Helpdesk Management is a key part in our plans for the future in our customer service division, enabling us to see what calls are to be scheduled and improving our relationships with customers. With our future proposed move to Tablet PCs for our on site engineers, we will strengthen staff communication between engineers and head office, remove unnecessary and sometimes illegible paperwork and help improve the cash flow of our growing, successful business”.

Classic Mineral Water purchased the Service & Helpdesk solution through Xperience, the Strategic Partner for Pegasus in Northern Ireland. 

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