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Pegasus warns of the death of the invoice

10 November 2009

Printed bills being killed off by cost, green pressures and postal disruption

Pegasus Software today warned that SMEs across the country face severe disruption as paper invoices face extinction.

Stuart Anderson, Operations Director, Pegasus Software, explained: “Paper based bills and other documents such as pro-forma invoices, delivery notes and quotes have three critical pressures building against them.” 

“Firstly cost – paper documents means printing and that means money.  Research from Forester and Gartner shows the total cost of creating a paper invoice, including printing, envelopes and postage ranges, from £1 to £5 per invoice. By eliminating this chain, electronic invoicing can deliver 87% cost savings per invoice.”

“Secondly, the rise of green concerns means that customers now demand the option to have their communication in a paperless format.  Usually that means e-mail but there are other options.

“Thirdly, as recent events such as the Post Office strike have shown, there is a real risk to business continuity in using paper based processes.  To avoid such risks and garner the benefits of less paper and quicker processes, businesses need to look at accounting systems that can support electronic invoices.”

“When migrating to cheaper, faster, more reliable electronic invoicing, businesses often have to alter established processes, including distribution of e-invoices to the right recipients.  That disruption can be a challenge. We have seen a real increase in interest when it comes to e-invoicing but also a lot of concern.  Of course, our Opera II is one such system that enables a pain free adoption of e-invoices, but the crucial message is that the move to paperless billing can be pain free and is critical to get your business ready for the recovery.”