Pegasus Steers SMEs through the Business Intelligence storm

9 February 2009

New white paper shows how BI can deliver survival and growth during recession

Pegasus Software today launched a new white paper entitled: “Using Business Intelligence to navigate in stormy times: an SME’s guide”.  The paper explores the growing importance of Business Intelligence (BI) and how it can help SMEs survive the recession.

Drawing on research that highlights the growing number of pressures facing financial directors within SMEs, the white paper demonstrates the diversity of information and the challenges in bringing isolated, multiple sources into a meaningful, single view of the business.  This includes not only traditional sources such as ERP or finance systems but new unstructured data in e-mails or even multi-media and social networking formats.

The paper concludes on the critical factors of speed and accuracy in accessing this information (regardless of format) when making decisions that can have profound effects upon competitiveness and survival in a recession.

Kevin McCallum, Commercial Director of Pegasus Software explains: “The white paper is aimed at SMEs that have realised Business Intelligence is not exclusive to multinational corporations or large enterprises. By showing not only what has happened, but why it has happened, BI can deliver faster analysis, more confident decisions and greater agility to businesses of any size.”

“We have collated research from the likes of Gartner, the CIPD, Quocirca and our own findings.  This has been combined with an analysis of how SMEs can best deploy BI, based on the experience of our customers.  Lastly we have added a checklist to ensure SMEs do not stumble blindly into BI, but can assess the marketplace with confidence.”

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