Opera 3 (1.30) set to boost visibility and profitability

4 November 2011

We are delighted to announce the availability of the latest version of its Opera 3 business and finance management solution, Opera 3 (1.30).  Building on the existing integrated finance; Payroll & HR; Business Intelligence; Supply Chain; Document Management; CRM and Service & Helpdesk Management capabilities, Opera 3 (1.30) now incorporates improvements in Landed Costs, Retrospective Debtors and Creditors Reporting, Repeat Invoicing and enhancements to the Stocktake function.

The new Landed Costs functionality across supply chain management function will allow users to automatically calculate and record an estimate of Landed Costs, which are the additional costs incurred when bringing goods into the country, such as import duty, insurance, freight and warehousing.  This can be done at the time of performing various stock-related postings, such as when receiving stock via a purchase order.  The estimate of Landed Costs can then be posted to the Nominal Ledger to ensure more accurate Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet reporting, and can also be viewed within various Stock-related processes, such as the Stock Valuation Report, to provide a more accurate picture of the value of overall stock.  This degree of accuracy is crucial to understand the true value of stock in order that goods can be priced accurately and profitably.

Another key enhancement is Retrospective Debtors and Creditors Reporting, which enables users to see outstanding debt as at a specific date in the past, as well as today, while Repeat Invoices for Scheduler allows a batch of repeat invoices which meet specified criteria to be run unattended at a chosen time and day.

“We now have almost 1000 sites using Opera 3, whose positive feedback has resulted in us winning a number of accolades and awards this year,” comments Stuart Anderson, Director, Sales & Marketing, Pegasus Software.  “We are continuously looking at ways in which we can enhance the solution, and through the introduction of the new Landed Costs functionality, businesses can benefit from having a true picture of the value of stock to improve profitability – which is crucial as the economic climate remains uncertain.”        

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