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Opera 3 latest releases

Opera 3 (2.43) 

November 2017. This release contains Payroll enhancements and comes with Online Filing Manager (4.00) which has been updated to cater for RTI, VAT and CIS submissions using the new HMRC Multi Digital Tax Platform (MDTP). 

Opera 3 (2.42) 

August 2017. This release contains enhancements to help with Late Payment Reporting, legislative updates to the Payroll and more. 

Opera 3 (2.41) 

June 2017. This release contains enhancements in Financials and Supply Chain Management and additional reports that can be exported to Excel. 

Opera 3 (2.40.11) 

March 2017. Release supporting the new Late Payment Reporting regulations.

Opera 3 (2.40.10) 

February 2017. This release contains the Scottish Tax tables as updated in February 2017.

Opera 3 (2.40) 

January 2017. This is the release containing the updates to the Payroll for the 2017/18 tax year.

Opera 3 (2.32) 

October 2016. This release makes the Pegasus Mobile Sales app available on Pegasus Web Xchange.

Opera 3 (2.31) 

April 2016. This release supports MS Office 2016 and Office 365.

Opera 3 (2.30)

These releases contain the legislative payroll changes required to complete the 2015-16 tax year end and process in the tax year from 6 April 2016 onwards.

Opera 3 (2.25) 

November 2015. This release includes new functionality in Payroll & HR to cater for re-enrolment of pensions. A number of additional auto enrolment changes have also been made to make processing auto enrolment files even easier.

Opera 3 (2.24) and Pegasus Web Xchange (1.16) 

August 2015. This release extends Pegasus Web Xchange with a new Timesheets service to complement Payroll Self Service. Timesheets empowers employees and benefits the Payroll team and project managers by providing a simple way to enter timesheets online and submit for manager’s approval or rejection, with a project management analysis report built in.

Opera 3 (2.23) 

June 2015. The release provides automation for customers processing Prompt Payment Discount, as well as VAT Return improvements, further reports that can be exported to Excel, demo data uplift and other functional enhancements .

Opera 3 (2.22) 

March 2015. This release allows invoices to be calculated in line with HMRC’s new Prompt Payment Discount (PPD) legislation from 1 April 2015. It also contains two enhancements to SOP/Invoicing Processing

Opera 3 (2.21)

February 2015. This release enhances the Payroll application with email payslips and P60s, available as standard at no extra cost. There are further enhancements to the Scheduler, Credit Management Centre, and Cashbook plus further report output to Excel in CRM.

Opera 3 (2.14)

October 2014. This release introduces the new Debt Management feature in the Credit Management Centre, which takes tackling customer debt to the next level by allowing users to create up to 9 levels of correspondence, such as debtor letters and e-mails, to speed up customer payments. It also adds pension information for employees in Payroll Self Service. It also includes a number of enhancements to CRM for improved communication and efficiency and better reporting, with 5 additional CRM reports that can be exported to Excel.

Opera 3 (2.13)

July 2014. This release introduces Salary Sacrifice, integration with NOW: Pensions and Pegasus Web Xchange enhancements

Opera 3 (2.12)

April 2014. This release contains 17 additional reports that can be exported to Excel, 3 new tasks in the Scheduler (Invoicing/SOP Reorganisation, POP Reorganisation and Stock Period End), and the Bulk Email facility in Payroll Self Service.

Opera 3 (2.00) Pegasus Web Xchange and Payroll Self Service

Opera 3 (2.00) introduces Pegasus Web Xchange, which allows you to connect with your Opera 3 data remotely. The first service, Payroll Self Service, is designed to empower employees and reduce HR costs. Learn more

Opera 3 (1.81): Integration with NEST

June 2013. This release provides integration with NEST (National Employment Savings Trust), and support for Windows 8, as well as enhancements in SOP/Invoicing, Stocktake and Online Filing Manager.

Opera 3 (1.70)

October 2012. Introducing the Credit Management Centre: a one-stop shop for all credit control functions, fully integrated with the Sales Ledger. With a series of easy to use dashboard views, customers have instant access to the financial status of the company, their customers, and a diary view.  

This release also includes a new Historical Stock Valuation report in Stock Control, six sales reports that can be exported to Excel (Disputed Invoices, Credit Control, Revenue Forecast, Realised Gains/Losses, Turnover Report and Currency Revaluation), and SOP/Invoicing and CRM enhancements.

Opera 3 (1.60) 

August 2012. Opera 3 (1.60) incorporates the payroll statutory changes from October 2012 resulting from the introduction of Auto Enrolment of Pensions and changes made by the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission with the introduction of the new type of Deduction from Earnings Order (DEO). Find out more.

Opera 3 (1.50)

July 2012. Opera 3 (1.50) contains a significant number of enhancements across a range of applications. Additional error correction functionality in the Sales and Purchase Ledger, ten Nominal Ledger reports that can be exported to Excel, a new Chain task in the Scheduler, improvements to Stocktake and CRM and much more.
> Download the Opera 3 (1.50) full Guide to Enhancements