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Business Intelligence, Accounts, Payroll Software, CRM Software, Cloud Accounting. Opera 3: Complete Business Solution

Opera 3 is a complete business solution: it can bring together all areas of your organisation, eliminating the need to run separate finance, payroll, CRM or service systems. We have designed it to ensure it's easy to learn and use. And you can choose to implement it on-premise or in the cloud.

Offering unbeatable inter-departmental integration and knowledge-sharing, Opera 3 can give everyone in your company a unified view of the business. Even your mobile workforce can be constantly in the loop via web browser applications, PDAs and other remote tools such as TomTom Business Solutions.

With Opera 3, flexibility comes as standard. You can buy what you need, when you need it, and expand it as your business grows. You can also customise it, to include features that address specific business needs. and naturally, we've made it simple for you to upgrade from your existing system.

Opera 3 is the ideal solution for growing businesses who need more power, more users and more flexibility, now and in the future.

Visibility of your cashflow

Financials are the core to any business, whatever its size. With Opera 3 you can continually track your revenue and when it's due. Equally importantly, Opera 3 reminds you who you owe money to and when it has to be paid. You'll find the visibility of your cashflow invaluable for your profit generation. What's more, reports from the financial applications can be exported directly to MS Excel.

The Nominal Ledger includes analysis of Account, Type, Sub-type, Cost Centre plus two further user-definable levels as standard, giving you access and in-depth analysis at transaction level for the past 9 years. Get management information and reports from Financials, Supply Chain and Payroll & HR: your financial position is always available and can be analysed using the user-definable dynamic Views.

Nominal Ledger Drill Down

Superior business intelligence

With Opera 3 Business Intelligence tools you get precisely what you need to know without wasting valuable time.

Award-winning Pegasus XRL is a powerful reporting tool that links Opera 3 with MS Excel and will change the way you view your business, for good. It allows you to export the information held within Opera 3 into Excel so you can analyse, manipulate, and produce reports on it using the familiar Excel interface. The reports you create can be saved for future use and will refresh at the click of a button to provide the most up-to-date information.  

Stress-free payroll processes with award-winning Payroll & HR

With Opera 3 Payroll & HR, complicated payroll procedures are simplified and automated. No matter what the size of your operation, Opera 3 Payroll provides the power and flexibility you need. Its multi-company capacity and unbeatable speed of processing mean that it's equally at home in a payroll bureau. For additional peace of mind, Opera 3 Payroll is fully tested and has PAYE Recognition. 

Share key information across all departments with CRM

Managing opportunities and converting them into sales: that's what running a business is all about. Opera 3 CRM allows you not only to generate prospects but also to effectively manage your relationship with these prospects so that they become profitable customers.

CRM Sales Pipeline Report

Complete production control

Opera 3 offers a complete production control system that integrates manufacturing management, order processing and quality control. It processes all the revelant data from quotations through to sales orders and scheduling, through MRP and production to delivery and invoicing.

Stay alert with Pegasus Instant Messenger

Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) sends pop-up alerts to your desktop and generates e-mails, reports and information based on data held within Opera 3, whenever something happens that you need to know about. Information can be sent in a secure environment to anyone in your business, from stock and despatch to sales and accounts staff. PIM is easy to set up and use, and always keeps an eye out for your business.  

Customisation: It's your business. It's your Opera 3.

Every business is unique, with individual requirements and particular challenges. That's why Opera 3 has been designed to be completely customisable.

The Pegasus Solutions Marketplace programme brings you add-on applications for your Pegasus solution, from accredited Pegasus Developers. We make it simple to make modifications or to add more features, to give you extra functionality or enhanced information so your system can perfectly match your requirements.