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Business Accounting Software - Opera 3 SQL

Opera 3 SQL is designed and built using the most powerful components of Opera 3; it delivers impressive functionality alongside Microsoft's industry-leading database technology, MS SQL Server.

Automation of tasks

Automation of recurring administrative tasks is a key benefit of SQL Server. Automatic data file size management and automatic memory management are just two functions of SQL Server that save time and money. Backing up and restoring data can also be automated without any disruption to your work activities. These tasks can be monitored and the system administrator notified when attention is required.

Online Analytical Processing (OLAP)

With SQL Server OLAP functionality, Opera 3 can rapidly analyse significant volumes of data, giving you a better and more immediate understanding of key elements of your business. Data is organised in logical categories such as financial periods, sales territories and product groups. This allows businesses to extract meaningful information and reports that everyone can use. Underlying business trends can be quickly identified, allowing the right decisions to be made at the right time.

Greater integration with third party software

Opera 3 SQL data is stored in MS SQL Server so that business transactions can be easily accessible and used in conjunction with other SQL Server databases or third party applications. This flexibility provides greater control of key business information that might be locked away in various applications throughout the organisation. When brought together, this information can help organisations to develop new marketing strategies, analyse business trends, track and report on key data, improve productivity and make informed strategic decisions that can have a direct influence on profitability or the direction of the business.

Keeping your business healthy

Financial management is at the heart of any business and, when tightly controlled, is one area that can help drive it forward. The financial applications of Opera 3 SQL are designed to do just that.

Opera 3 SQL - Sales Turnover

Sales, Purchase, Nominal, Advanced Nominal, Multi-Currency, Cashbook, and EC VAT provide the integrated tools needed to fully control financial data and processes.

Sophisticated and flexible analysis

The functionality within the Financials effortlessly adapts to a company's analytical requirements. Multiple dimensions make it easy to analyse key information, such as expenses or revenues by Nominal Account, Cost Centre, Department or Projects. The financial position is always available and can be analysed and interrogated using definable dynamic view screens.

Financial reporting

Financial reporting is extensive within Opera 3 SQL and includes Pegasus XRL. Using Pegasus XRL, Opera 3 SQL data can be easily manipulated in MS Excel to provide enhanced analytical power. Key data from other sources can also be combined to offer complete enterprise reporting. Budget information, stock adjustments and price lists manipulated and maintained within Excel can also be written back into Opera 3 SQL, saving time and effort as well as avoiding re-keying errors.

Supply Chain Management and Payroll & HR

Integrate sales and stock with financial information to automate the delivery of customers' orders with effective stock management. Respond to demand for products and pricing quickly and efficiently, retaining customer loyalty and increasing levels of customer satisfaction, and you have the complete control required to manage the supply chain aspect of your business. Add Payroll & HR, which has PAYE and RTI Recognition, and it is clear that Opera 3 SQL delivers a complete end-to-end financial management solution.

Instant Communications

Pegasus Instant Messenger (PIM) is the intelligent communications application of Opera 3 SQL. Business-critical information can be shared with recipients as discreet pop-up messages and e-mails or reports. It's easy to set up and use, and puts accounting information to work outside the accounts department — always keeping an eye out for your business.