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Opera 3 Business Software Features Top Ten, Try Opera 3 Business Software

1. Pegasus Web Xchange: connect with your Opera 3 data remotely

Pegasus Web Xchange is a secure and easy way to access your Opera 3 data on the go: any time, anywhere and on a number of mobile devices. Offer employees access to payroll information with Payroll Self Service, allow sales people to take sales orders and submit them for processing while visiting customers with Mobile Sales, and enable staff to complete and submit timesheets with Timesheets. Learn more.

Pegasus Web Xchange

2. Make better business decisions with improved reporting

Did you know you can export over 60 Opera 3 reports to MS Excel? Run multiple reports at the same time to compare information in one report with the next and output the information from your Opera 3 reports directly into MS Excel.

"The main reason for the move from Opera II to Opera 3 was the improved reporting functionality, especially reporting into Excel which makes viewing of data far easier for non-Opera 3 users " Jerry Anderson, Director, Agripower Contractors

3. Make life easier with error correction in the ledgers

There's always the chance of human error when it comes to processing many transactions on a regular basis. Ensure peace of mind, knowing that misposted receipts can be re-allocated to the correct invoice, misposted payments re-allocated to the correct invoice and account, and nominal journals corrected and re-posted. 

4. Get an accurate valuation of your stock with landed costs

Landed costs are the additional costs incurred in getting goods you purchase from your supplier to your premises such as the purchase price of the goods, freight costs, insurance, warehousing and other costs. Landed costs in Opera 3 will give you a true understanding of your stock value.

5. Run business-critical tasks at a convenient time

The Scheduler allows you to run some of your Opera 3 tasks at a time that suits you. Schedule tasks such as period ends, system backup and tidy system files to run overnight or over the weekend so you do not disrupt the day-to-day running of your business.

Opera 3 Scheduler application

6. Submit your VAT Returns online direct from Opera 3

With the new VAT Online Filing in the Online Filing Manager, you can now submit your VAT Return online quickly and easily, direct from Opera 3. There’s less room for error and you’ll have peace of mind. What’s more, it’s been successfully tested by HMRC.

"Previously we would have extracted the data manually from Opera 3 and input the data onto the HMRC website. VAT 100 now allows us to carry our the procedure online and cuts out any potential errors that may arise in the transferring of data " Mark Hatchley, Finance Manager, Seawhite of Brighton

7. Have more flexibility in financials with open periods

The Open Period Accounting facility gives you the option of keeping the Nominal Ledger open for posting transactions in the previous, current and up to the next three financial years. This makes the Nominal Ledger a far more powerful and flexible tool in which to analyse your financial data.

Open Period Accounting calendar

8. Manage customer debt and improve your cashflow with the Credit Management Centre

Get a consolidated view of your finances with easy-to-understand, real-time graphs displaying your overall financial status. Manage customer debt and improve your cashflow by seeing what is owed and who owes it.

Credit Management Centre

9. Use Stocktake to keep track of your stock levels

Stocktake will improve accountability and stock management helping you maintain accurate stock levels. Stocktake will highlight rates of profit and loss by identifying stock movements not accounted for by normal processing.

"The new functionality in Opera 3 means that we can perform our month-end much faster, and because stock management is integrated with our accounting processes, we have 100% visibility of inventory, production and delivery schedules" Paul Birnie, Financial Director, Wensleydale Dairies

10. Use it in the cloud

Opera 3 can be deployed in the cloud: 24/7 access to your business system, from anywhere, offering the best in flexibility while helping you to reduce operational costs.

Download the Opera 3 Upgrade Guide