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Opera II Release History and Previous Versions of Opera II Business Software

Opera II (7.50) Feb 2016

Payroll Upgrade 2016

We are pleased to announce the release of Opera II (7.50). This releases includes the legislative payroll changes required to complete the 2015-16 tax year end and process in the new tax year from 6 April 2016 onwards.

Opera II (7.45) Nov 2015

Cyclical Automatic Re-enrolment

New functionality has been added to the Payroll & HR application to cater for Cyclical Automatic Re-enrolment. If an employee is not in a qualifying pension scheme either because they opted out of their pension or ceased membership more than 12 months before the Cyclical Automatic Re-enrolment date, they must be assessed on a three yearly cycle using the Cyclical Automatic Re-enrolment process.

The latest release provides the ability to record the cyclical automatic re-enrolment date, identify employees to reassess, enrol the reassessed Eligible Jobholders into a qualifying pension scheme, and report on the employees who have been enrolled and include the employees in the enrolment and contribution NEST and NOW:Pensions files.

Opera II (7.42) Mar 2015

Prompt Payment Discount (PPD)

The new releases allow invoices to be calculated in line with HRMC's new Prompt Payment Discount (PPD) legislation, effective from the 1st of April 2015.

The EC VAT, Sales Ledger and Purchase Ledger applications are affected. A new SOP Invoice report design (PEG630 stationery) and Sales Statement report design (PEG610 stationery) have been introduced to cater for the settlement discount changes: they work with the existing stationery.

Opera II (7.41) Feb 2015

Cashbook security improvement

The release of Opera II (7.41) includes a Cashbook security improvement. Users who do not have access to private accounts will no longer be able to view information relating to bank accounts where the nominal account for the Cashbook Processing record is set to 'Private'.

Opera II (7.40) - Jan 2015

Annual payroll upgrade release

Annual payroll upgrade release with some VAT reporting improvements. 

These releases include the legislative payroll changes required to complete the 2014/2015 tax year end, process from 6 April 2015 onwards, and VAT reporting improvements.

The release also includes VAT reporting improvements. The following VAT Reports have been uplifted with a range of check boxes and filtering controls to improve reporting and provide better information on VAT Periods:

  • Summary VAT Audit Trail
  • Detailed VAT Audit Trail
  • Detailed VAT Values

Opera II (7.34) - October 2014

Contacts Processing

A number of improvements have been made to Contacts Processing and SPM Reorganise to improve the usability of the CRM application:

  • Mobile phone number is available in the Advance Search Results
  • Users can search for the mobile phone number
  • Company name now appears after the surname

SPM Reorganise

Update a change in Reseller to current Service Contracts and Helpdesk records

Opera II (7.33) - July 2014

Opera II (7.33) now includes NOW: Pensions integration, support for SQL Server 2014 and Windows 8.1 (Update 1).

Opera II (7.32) - April 2014

Cashbook and Reporter enhancements

  • Cashbook now supports the creation of SEPA BACS files. This applies to Cashbook Nominal payments and to the posting of sales refunds through both the Cashbook and the Sales Ledger.
  • Relaxation of Bank Detail Validation for SEPA – where SEPA is in use, the existing validation of Bank account details within certain areas of Cashbook, Nominal, Sales and Purchase Ledger will be relaxed. This is to permit BIC and IBAN details to be recorded without users also being forced to provide a Bank account number and sort code.
  • Reporter has a new Cashbook base table allowing users to report on Payee Names.
  • Supplier Bank Details report displays accounts with both BIC/IBAN and Sort Code/Account details.

Opera II (7.31) - March 2014

Opera II (7.31) includes a number of enhancements and is now supported on Office 2013 SP1.

Opera II (7.30) 

This release included the legislative payroll changes required to complete the 2013/2014 tax year end process from 6 April 2014 onwards.

Opera II (7.23)

Purchase Processing – Payments – BACS and Euro Suppliers

Users can create an ad hoc payment to a Euro Supplier (from either a Sterling or Euro Bank Account) and include in the BACS output in Opera II.

Adding Customer and Supplier Records 

For consistency when adding Processing records in the Sales or Purchase Ledgers and using a Custom Profile Opera II will pre-populate some information such as Bank Account and Keep History from the default settings entered in the Set Options form.  

Opera II (7.22)

SEPA (Single Euro Payments Area) - SEPA is an EU initiative that will change the way euro denominated electronic payments are processed across Europe. Opera II (7.22) will allow you to make SEPA compliant euro electronic payments. You will also be able to record BIC and IBAN against supplier, customer and bank account records. 

Opera II (7.21)

NEST Pensions (National Employment Savings Trust) -  NEST is a cost effective pension scheme that is available for any employer to meet their auto enrolment duties. NEST is an optional feature of auto enrolment with integration to the NEST online portal. 

E-mailing invoices through Repeat Invoices in SOP and Invoicing - the latest release improves the e-mailing of invoices in SOP and Invoicing Repeat Invoices. A new dropdown menu in the criteria selection form allows users to select to E-mail invoices, Print invoices, or E-mail and print invoices offering a ‘one stop shop’. The menu automatically defaults to the users last selection for future processing. 

E-mail address recipients - we have reviewed the functionality relating to the recipient of e-mails generated when the account is linked to a different delivery address.

Online Filing Manager - we have further optimised the Online Filing Manager benefiting customers with a large number of employees.  

Opera II (7.20.10)

Enhanced Payroll - BACS standard 18 format
The latest release includes an enhancement to Payroll to cater for the BACS Standard 18 format. This allows those customers who are using banking software to submit BACS payments using their own Service User Number (SUN).

Opera II (7.11)

Improved CRM and invoicing
This release includes a number of CRM and SOP/Invoicing enhancements.

  • Print Call Sheets Report - a new option called ‘Report by Equipment’ has been added to the criteria form. This allows a call sheet to be produced for an Engineer that only displays previous History relating to the item of equipment due to service on site
  • Helpdesk Calls – view the service contract details linked to a call on the Helpdesk tab on various forms in CRM
  • SOP/Invoicing Enhancements - repeat Invoicing and SOP/Invoicing Processing will now allow the use of pre-defined e-mail profiles when generating documents like invoices, so customers can have their invoices instantly and make significant savings in postage costs

Opera II (7.10)

Payroll statutory changes from October 2012 - including auto enrolment capability
Opera II (7.10) complies with the payroll statutory changes from October 2012. The release includes auto enrolment capability to comply with Workplace Pensions Reform and the new type of Deduction from Earnings Order (DEO) issued by the Child Maintenance and Enforcement Commission (CMEC).

Opera II (6.91)

Improved CRM
We’ve responded to customer feedback and made over 50 enhancements to the latest version of CRM to help you manage a better relationship with your customers which includes the ability to:

  • Set up call templates which also allows the automatic creation of Sales Opportunities when logging new Helpdesk Calls.     Opportunities are added into the sales pipeline instantly; all linked back to the Helpdesk Call
  • Run Worksheet Billing and SOP Processing, directly from a Helpdesk Call. This optionally enables Chargeable Work/Parts to be posted to SOP Processing instantly; which can then be progressed through to Invoice immediately to help improve cashflow
  • Update all staff Outlook calendars via Outlook Meeting Requests. All activities throughout CRM, and also any meeting requests to engineering/external staff through both the Summary and Resource Schedule; can be added. What’s more, meeting invitations can be sent to one or more internal or external contacts. The recipients of the e-mail can then either accept the invitation, or reject it
  • Foreign currency uplift
  • Worksheets to respect customer price lists and discount calculations

Document Management Desktop – now for everyone in the office
Isn’t it time to replace company-wide paper based processes with electronic processes? Now you can with the new Document Management Desktop application. It brings the benefits of Document Management to everyone in the office. The Desktop version offers simple and easy to use capture and retrieval of documents for non users of Opera II, at a fraction of the price. Eliminate the risk of losing documents from mislaid or misfiled papers.

It’s time to take a fresh look at Document Management!

Additional enhancement: New Bankline Adhoc Payments Option
A new Bankline Adhoc BACS file format is available for selection in Purchase Ledger, Cashbook and Payroll. This will enable customers to upload payments which would be processed as single debit/multi credit payments from one bank account to multiple beneficiaries; without having to set up each payee in Bankline that is already set up in Opera II.

Opera II (6.81)

The release introduced the new and improved Pegasus Dashboards with brand new functionality to better meet your needs, further enhancements to the core Opera II product, and a new release of Document Management. We’ve made significant improvements and added greater flexibility to the Pegasus Dashboards Manager module. You can now do the following:

New and improved Pegasus Dashboards

  • Customise a dashboard to display the charts for a certain user or group of users. For example, you may want to create a ‘Sales’ dashboard so sales managers can have their own personal dashboard that includes items only for their sales regions.
  • Need further, in-depth information? Now you can configure a main chart to link to another chart to drill down to more information. For example, each segment in a pie chart displaying sales values by region can link to a drilldown chart that displays the detailed information behind the values.
  • Configure a main chart to link to a website. For example, you can link a customer’s postcode in a grid chart to a website like Multimap.com or to their corporate website.
  • Configure a main chart to link to a separate dashboard. For example, you may have a dashboard that displays all the key performance indicators including a chart displaying employee turnover. You can link that chart to a different dashboard that perhaps displays only payroll and personnel related charts.
  • Configure a main chart to display information that is relevant for a user. For example, so a Sales Manager can view a specific geographic region or sales territory.
  • Create charts that group information together to display summary values. For example, in a list chart users may want to present a total of sales values by geographical region or sales territory.

Fixed Assets

Do you currently maintain your asset register in an Excel spreadsheet? Now you can easily upgrade to the Opera II Fixed Assets module by importing assets from an Excel spreadsheet.


There are a number of new options added to the CRM group of modules to improve performance and increase flexibility:

  • Do not store email body text in History has been added to the Set Options form in CRM to alleviate the large database tables at customer sites.
  • Show All Sites has been added to the Choose Equipment form in the Helpdesk module. When the option is ticked, equipment that is located at all sites is displayed.
  • Include Inactive Contacts has been added to the Contact Advanced Search form in the SPM module. When the option is ticked, any contacts that are marked as inactive are not included in the search results.
  • Maximum No. Of Records Per Output Document has been added to restrict the number of letters in a Mail Merge document. This controls how many letters are included in the document that is created when the mail merge is processed.

Document Management (2.11)

The new release of Document Management contains an enhancement which gives you greater flexibility when retrieving information. A new sorting option offers three choices: ‘Newest to Oldest’, ‘Oldest to Newest’ or ‘Document Version’.

Read more in the Opera II (6.81) Guide to Enhancements .

Opera II (6.72)

What are the Cross Border VAT Changes?

As of 1 January 2010 it will be a legislative requirement for a UK VAT registered business to declare any intra-EC services that they supply to a VAT registered customer in the EC on the EC Sales List (ESL – VAT 101 form). The EU Legislation changes affect the following buisnesses:

  • UK businesses that supply services to EU member countries are now required to submit details of the service on the EC Sales List
  • UK businesses that receive services from EU member countries will need to account for the service and update their VAT Return using the rules of the new legislation (Reverse Charge)
  • UK businesses required to submit ESL (EC Sales Lists) must agree with HMRC whether they need to commit returns for Services on a monthly or quarterly basis

You can find more information regarding Cross Border VAT Changes on the HM Revenue & Customs website .

Opera II (6.70)

Opera II (6.70) is the biggest release for Pegasus in 2009. The release includes a new module, Fixed Assets , and many functional enhancements delivering real business benefits. Some key enhancements include:  

E-mailing of invoices in Batch Processing - save on time, paper and postage plus avoid the impact of postal delays.

Service and Helpdesk Management link to the Costing module: costs and revenue can now be posted to the Costing module. This removes the possibility of manual error and provides a seamless link to Costing.

Document Management enhancements: improvements to indexing and retrieving of documents to allow users to refine their search for easier retrieval and offer greater flexibility during processing.

Opera II (6.61)

The release of Opera II (6.61) includes new releases of PIM (1.81) and Executive Dashboards (2.02) and also includes the Online Filing Manager (2.71) and Document Management (2.02).

Sales Management group of modules

The Sales Management group of modules (SPM, SPM Remote and Service and Helpdesk Management) have been renamed to Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Opera II (6.50)

Opera II (6.50) builds on the success of our latest modules, Sales Pipeline Management, Executive Dashboards and Document Management with three brand new modules:

  • Service and Helpdesk Management
  • Executive Dashboards Manager
  • Advanced Document Management


Opera II (6.12)

The release of Opera II (6.12) extends the functionality of Sales Pipeline Management, Executive Dashboards and Document Management. The release includes:

  • Sales Pipeline Management: (SPM) Remote
  • Executive Dashboards: Twenty new ‘out of the box’ Dashboard items
  • Executive Dashboards: support for Windows Vista (Business and Ultimate Editions)
  • Document Management: SPM integration and further integration with Sales & Purchase Ledgers

This release also includes a number of enhancements and software change requests.

SPM Remote will allow users to work offline with SPM and other Opera II related data with synchronisation of the SPM data back to the main system via a virtual private network (VPN) or local area network (LAN) connection.

Opera II Version 6

Opera II Version 6 delivers more functionality, further enhancements and two new modules to the end-to-end solution; Executive Dashboards and Document Management.

Executive Dashboards: Put yourself in the driving seat

This new module for Opera II provides a visually stunning presentation of key business information in real time through a wide range of user selected formats, with powerful drilldown to underlying data. This allows the management team to easily identify trends and issues and take immediate action. Tell me more...

Document Management: The paperless office is now a reality

Document Management is a complete image capture and file management system that retains all your essential documents and stores them electronically, for instant access. Tell me more...

Opera II 5.50

The release of Opera II 5.50 includes a new module for Opera II, Sales Pipeline Management (SPM). This release also includes a number of software change requests. 

Opera II Sales Pipeline Management: A complete end-to-end business solution

This new module for Opera II allows customers to enter prospects, convert them to customers and manage the relationship process through the whole sales cycle. This also includes the ability to forecast against your sales pipeline and report on individual customer profitability, all from one solution. Tell me more...

Opera II Version 5.00

If you're an existing Opera II customer, you'll want to know all about our major release Opera II Version 5: Tell me more...

We have implemented a number of enhancements to Financial Management, Supply Chain Management, Reporting and Administration areas of Opera II with the 5.11.00 and 5.12.00 releases. The 5.13.00 release includes the new HM Revenue & Custom regulations for Reverse Charge VAT.