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Pegasus Operations II Manufacturing Software Updates and latest release features

Operations II (3.14)

Operations II (3.14) is SEPA compliant and will allow customers to record BIC and IBANs against supplier and customer records, provided they are linked to a SEPA compliant version of Opera 3/Opera II.

Operations II (3.13)

Operations II (3.13) includes a number of maintenance software change requests. In addition, Operations II (3.13) has been successfully tested and is now supported on the following platforms/environments:

  • Windows Server 2008 R2 Server SP1 (64 bit)*
  • Windows 7 SP1 (32 bit and 64 bit)
  • Microsoft Office 2010 (32 bit)
  • Internet Explorer 9

Operations II (3.12.20)

Operations II (3.12.20) is primarily a maintenance release but is now supported on the following platforms/environments: 

  • Windows 7 Professional (32-bit only)
  • Windows 7 Ultimate (32-bit only)
  • Windows 2008 Server – Service Pack 2 (32-bit only)
  • Windows Vista Business – Service Pack 2 (32-bit only)
  • Windows Vista Ultimate – Service Pack 2 (32-bit only)

Operations II (3.11)

The latest release of Operations II (3.11) supports the forthcoming Cross Border VAT Changes coming into force in January 2010. Please be advised that Operations II (3.11) is not supported on Windows 7.

What are the Cross Border VAT Changes?

As of 1 January 2010 it will be a legislative requirement for a UK VAT registered business to declare any intra-EC services that they supply to a VAT registered customer in the EC on the EC Sales List (ESL – VAT 101 form). The EU Legislation changes affect the following buisnesses:

  • UK businesses that supply services to EU member countries are now required to submit details of the service received on the EC Sales List
  • UK businesses that receive services from EU member countries will need to account for the service and update their VAT Return using the rules of the new legislation (Reverse Charge)
  • UK businesses required to submit ESL (EC Sales Lists) must agree with HMRC whether they need to commit returns for Services on a monthly or quarterly basis

For full details of the Cross Border Changes visit  HMRC website .

Operations II (3.10)

The latest release of Operations II (3.10) release CD also includes Pegasus Instant Messenger (1.80.40) and Adobe® Reader® 9.  In addition it has also been successfully tested on Windows® 2008 Server with XP Service Pack 3 and Vista Service Pack 1 clients.

Operations II incorporates the following features:


User Defined Backgrounds

It is now possible to define different background images for different companies. On the Company Profile form - Action Company Background Options allows the image to be changed. In addition, the Preferences form has been modified to allow different background images per user.

New Grid Functionality

Grids now have the added right click functionality introduced into Opera II. When right clicking on the column headings, a sub-menu is displayed offering a new range of functionality. If Form Persistence is in use the amendments to the grids are stored and used next time the form is loaded.

Print Preview

When producing reports and directing to screen, the report is displayed in full screen mode.

Multi Bin Printing/Number of Copies

The document definition form now allows the user to determine the following for each document:

  • Default Printer
  • The ability to assign different printers per document.

  • Source
  • The ability to print a document to an individual bin on laser printers.

  • Number of Copies
  • The ability to specify a default  number of copies per document


Opera II Nominal Ledger Integration

The Opera II Nominal Ledger (version 4.11 and later) can now be updated whenever transactions are posted in Operations II that receive or issue stock.  This means that, together with the existing ability to link invoicing to the Opera II Nominal Ledger, management accounts can reflect the latest stock position.  Stock movements include:

  • Creation and deletion of delivery notes
  • Completion of works orders
  • Goods in inspections
  • Movement of stock - both inward and outward
  • Kitting of assemblies
  • Warehouse transfers with different cost centres


Opera II Nominal – Multiple Dimensions

When linked to Opera II, it is now possible to record Nominal Dimensions against customers and sales transactions. If the dimensions are in use in Opera II, postings from Operations II will update the Opera II transactions with the desired dimensions.

Opera II Nominal – Real-Time Update

When linked to Opera II, it is now possible to update the Opera II Nominal in real-time when posting purchase invoices and credit notes. If Real-Time Update is in use in Opera II, postings from Operations II will update the Nominal in real-time, if the user is in the current period.

Opera II Notes

When linked to Opera II, it is now possible to view and update the Supplier Notes. Notes are automatically updated when the account is put on or taken off stop and when an e-mail is sent. These notes can be printed from the Purchase Notes report in both Operations II and Opera II. An icon is displayed on the status bar when raising a purchase order, free issue note or goods return note to a supplier that has notes recorded against them.  The Notes icon on the toolbar is available to load the Notes form.


Opera II Notes

When linked to Opera II, it is now possible to view and update the Stock Notes. Since stock is only held and maintained in Operations II, the notes can be printed from the Stock Notes report in Operations II. To print these notes the Operations II user must also exist in Opera II.


When a bill of materials is amended and the change applied to Jobs, the allocations against the Jobs is now preserved/updated.


Performance Improvement

The processing of BOM records has been improved; areas that benefit from this performance enhancement include:

  • BOM Views in Parts and Production
  • Updating Base and Jobs in Parts Assembly Definition
  • Saving of Sales Orders
  • Saving of Quotes