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Pegasus CIS: contract management software updates and latest release features

April 2017: Pegasus CIS (4.01)

Pegasus CIS (4.01 contains a number of important enhancements to the Subcontractors functionality, support for unlimited companies when linking with Opera 3/Opera II, and a number of maintenance fixes. This release is available to customers on a request-only basis. Here's a summary of what's new in this release:

Subcontractor functionality

  • CIS Subcontractor Monthly Returns have been updated to allow previous returns to be amended and re-submitted as per the HMRC April 2016 guidelines. A full history of all submissions is maintained for auditability.
  • Subcontractor Partial Payments has been updated to allow gross labour and material values to be entered instead of a net value which is split pro-rata over the labour, material, discount and retention figures. This allows greater control over the labour and material split and therefore the CIS tax payable.
  • The subcontractors form has been revised with the addition of Contract Notes and Health & Safety Notes. Some functions available in previous versions from the ‘Items’ button have been re-labelled and/or re-ordered as follows:
    • Orders: Internal Valuation Transactions and Certificate Transactions screens are now available.
    • Internal Valuation Transactions: Items button added with Nominal Ledger Posting drilldown.
    • Certificate Transactions: The Items button now has forms to display Allocations and VAT Split.
    • Payment Transactions: Allocations and Nominal Ledger Posting options added to the Certificates button rather than loading a grid with every single certificate ever raised to the Subcontractor.
  • Subcontractor Enquiries has been enhanced with the addition of Internal Valuation Transactions, Certificate Transactions and Payment Transactions.
  • New reports: ‘Subcontractor Balance by Subcontractor/Job’ and ‘Subcontractor Order Items’.
  • A number of the Subcontractor Opening Balance import routines have been updated.

Other enhancements

  • Support for unlimited Opera systems: Pegasus CIS now allows for unlimited companies to be linked to Opera 3/Opera II.
  • Prompt Payment Discounting: Purchase invoices and credits raised in Pegasus CIS will now update the Opera Purchase Ledger so that the discount and VAT adjustments are available for taking if paid within the agreed timeframe.
  • Transaction Date Validation has been added to verify against previous and future financial years and periods.
  • External Plant Hire "Mark Plant as Off Hire" and "Resume On Hire Status" routines have been updated so that when the Time on Job is being calculated and an invoice has already been raised against the item, the system will allow a different number of items to be entered than is actually on hire.
  • Update Stock Lookups to allow searching on the Preferred Supplier Reference field.
  • Support for Sage Payroll v22.00, v22.04 and v23.00.

Integration with Pegasus XRL (1.64)
Pegasus CIS (4.01) is compatible with the latest release of Pegasus XRL (1.64). Customers on earlier versions of Pegasus CIS who use Pegasus XRL can now upgrade to Pegasus CIS v4.01. This is particularly important to customers still on Pegasus CIS v3.00.50 because support for that version will cease at some point in the near future.

View the Pegasus CIS (4.01) enhancements guide

View the Pegasus CIS brochure 

November 2015: Pegasus CIS (4.00)

Pegasus CIS (4.00) is a major release containing over 25 major enhancements, improved usability, 40 updated features and over 180 minor enhancements. 

Some of the major enhancements include:

  • Revenue can be posted to any number of Sales Phases. This provides an extra dimension in terms of financial analysis of costs and revenues on projects
  • Consolidated Sales Applications allows multiple Sales Applications to be consolidated into a single application that can be sent to the customer. Contract Certificates can also be consolidated to produce a single sales invoice
  • Cost Recharging - A Recharge Sales Invoice routine selects costs marked as Recharge and automatically creates the invoice. This is ideal for customers with contracts where the invoice value is calculated on the value of the costs being incurred which can include a mark-up percentage or rate
  • An Internal Plant Hire option for contractors who have their own plant that can be used on their own contracts or hired out to others. This option is designed to control costs, invoice customers and monitor where the equipment is located and when it’s due for return
  • Improved e-mail functionality - Bulk e-mail Payment Certificates and Statements to multiple subcontractors
  • Improvements to the Subcontractor module to provide better processing, communication and control over subcontractor payments, including partial payments
  • An authorisation/approval process can be defined whereby purchase orders above a specified value for an employee requires authorisation, for greater cost control. This level of purchase control provides the flexibility required by larger construction companies with complex purchasing requirements
  • Recognise both the revenue and the costs between Internal Customers and Internal Subcontractors, however actual sales and subcontractor invoices are not produced between the parties
  • Stock Control allows the definition of a Bill of Materials to be entered for an assembly detailing the sub-assemblies and components that are required. Finished assemblies can be moved into stock and the associated components and sub-assemblies moved out. This Finished Assembly can be issued to a job. Alternatively components and sub-assemblies can be directly issued to a job. This is ideal for companies that are involved in the manufacturing processes that form part of the costs incurred on a job
  • Improved usability – enhancements to improve processing, optimised for speed of data input and processing. Fields have been added to a number of forms to record additional user information

View the Pegasus CIS brochure

View the Pegasus CIS (4.00) enhancements guide

Pegasus CIS (3.00.20)

Our latest release of Pegasus CIS (3.00.20) ensures that the software is compliant with the new Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) which was introduced by the Irish Revenue on 1 January 2012. The operation of Relevant Contracts Tax (RCT) in Ireland changed to an online system, affecting how payments to subcontractors are handled. 

  • A new standard RCT rate of 20% has been introduced with most subcontractors currently on 35% moving to this new rate
  • When a principle contractor enters into a relevant contract with a subcontractor they will be obliged to provide the Irish Revenue with details of the subcontractor and the contract. This information must be notified on-line.
  • Prior to making a payment to a subcontractor it is necessary to notify the Irish Revenue of that payment, who will then provide a Deduction Authorisation.  This information must be provided online.

Pegasus CIS (3.00)

Pegasus CIS (3.00) includes major enhancements to Sales, Purchasing, Stock, Labour, Bill of Requirements and Subcontractors:


  • Implement Price Book
  • Multi Currency
  • VAT Split on Contract Sales Applications and Certificates
  • Part release of Deferred VAT


  • Update Purchases menu to only use one Purchase Invoice Register
  • Implement Supplier Addresses
  • Implement External Plant Hire
  • Implement Procurement Control


  • Implement Site Requisitions
  • Implement Internal Stock Issues and Internal Stock Receipts
  • Implement Stock Returns to Supplier and Stock Receipts from Supplier
  • Implement Stock Transfers and Stock Returns
  • Implement Stock Warehouses
  • Implement multiple Alternate Stock Codes with ability to select them while issuing stock to Jobs or internally issuing stock
  • Update Stock Issues, Stock Internal Issues, Stock Supplier Returns, Stock Transfers, Stock Adjustments, Stock Opening Balances to reserve stock and therefore stopping quantities going negative
  • Update Stock Adjustments routine to post a Nominal Journal between the Stock Nominal Account and a new Stock Adjustment Nominal Account
  • Update Stock Take routine to post a Nominal Journal between the Stock Nominal Account and a new Stock Take Nominal Account
  • Implement Stock Revaluations


  • Added Requisition Order for linking to Bill of Requirements


  • VAT Split on Subcontractor Applications

Download the Pegasus CIS (3.00) Guide to Enhancements

Pegasus CIS (2.04.70) 

This is a maintenance release, with Windows 2008 Server, Windows 2008 Server Terminal and Vista Service Pack 1 compatibility.  The Online Filing Manager (2.70.00) is also contained within this release.

Pegasus CIS (2.04)

This is a major release, which contains a significant number of new features and enhancements, including:

  • Support for Irish RCT & VAT legislation for contractors and subcontractors
  • Improved reporting as it now integrates with Pegasus XRL
  • Stock valuations at weighted average cost
  • Multiple suppliers per stock code
  • Multi-currency in purchasing
  • Job phases feature
  • Flexible cash receipt allocations

Pegasus CIS (2.04) now has the best reporting capabilities of any Construction product on the market with the integration of Pegasus XRL (1.30), via a new Master Serduct for Pegasus CIS (all variants).  It will allow users to access directly the live data stored within Pegasus CIS.  Any data stored in Pegasus CIS can be dynamically interrogated in Excel.  Users will be able to analyse and report on all aspects of their Contracts, Jobs, Sales, Labour and Stock for greater control of expenditure and profitability of contracts.

Download Pegasus CIS 2.04 Guide to Enhancements (PDF)