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Transport & Storage

Accurate costing, efficient planning and control mechanisms are essential to your profitability.

With Opera 3, businesses can centralise everything from payments and remittances to management reports, to reduce paperwork and save valuable time. The solution is flexible so it can link with third-party logistics software for increased visibility.

The stock management application allows for spare parts and stock to be replenished using the purchase order processing application, providing instant information on the status of every component within your haulage fleet.

If your business is trading internationally, the solution supports multi currencies and exchange rates.

Opera 3 is ideal for transport and storage businesses such as haulage companies, waste management, and food distribution companies.

The main benefit relates to stock control and sales activity. As we distribute food products, batch traceability and adherence to the product's Best Before date are essential to our business. We can now monitor and rotate our stock, ensuring that the oldest stock is issued first, avoiding write-off. In addition, because our stock activities, purchase orders and sales orders are processed in the Pegasus solution, our stock details are available to our staff at the point of sale"

Martin Scallan & Sons Ltd

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